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19.Mar.2010 Episode 26: I’ve Got Wood for Sheep

It’s a new week and we got some new tracks for you at That Hardcore Show. So sit back, relax and get lost in the hardcore sounds. EL Scott And Douglas – Naked Angel (Rave Mix) – Nu Energy Digital Darwin – Hard, Fast, Disco – HU Digital DJ Eterni-T – VKTRS – MPT Ben […]

10.Mar.2010 Episode 25: Get a Little Capt In Ya

Whats up guys, sorry about last week. I apperently fail at Cron Jobs 🙁 I was out of town and we had DJ Capt set up to do a guest mix for us, but it didn’t work out. So we have him back this week! Gives us some time off to get drunk and play […]

24.Feb.2010 Episode 24: I Herd U Like Cheeze

Another night of cheezy hardcore with your hosts PJ Davis and Jason Bingham. Playing tracks you remember from days gone by mixed with some trancy hardcore tracks from today, along with a bit o’ the d&b. Anon – Toy Soldier – Ballistic Bootlegs Abeyance & Stompy – Original Star Tonight – Essential Platinum 2002 Breeze […]

18.Feb.2010 Episode 23: If You Look at the Bones of a JESUSourus Rex

Another Chilly night in the garage, but we warm it up with some awesome Hardcore Choonage. Thanks to DJ Rhythmics for some awesome promo’s we were able to play over the past few weeks, and also to everyone who tunes in every Tuesday, you guys make the show worth-while! Breeze – Maybe – Future World […]

27.Jan.2010 Episode 20: Tadpoles! Tadpoles is a Winner

Another Show! I’m too lazy to write anything here today. Happy Apple Tablet Day today. Dave McCullen – Rave Heaven (Squad-E Remix) – Twista Records Gammer Feat. Francis Hill – It Will Be Alright – Muffin Music Fracus & Sam Honey – Every Word You Say – Hardcore Underground Karaoke Pirates – Baby Baby (Original […]

22.Jan.2010 Episode 19: We Doesn’t Afraid of Anything

Another week, another show. Sorry it took so long to get the podcast up this week, I’ve been, ummm……busy (read: lazy). Just look at all these tunes though. 28! That’s a lot. Hope you guys enjoy.  Also, Jason Bingham is a pretty cool guy, he brings me beer and doesn’t afraid of anything. EFM-7 – […]

14.Jan.2010 Episode 18: It’s Cold Out Here

Back in the studio tongiht with 31 more hardcore choonage for your listening entertainment. WEEEEEE! I also sing, “I’m On A Boat” AudioJunkie & Stylus feat: MC Whizzid – Dubzone Le-Kore – Up and Down (Energyforce Remix) – Slammin Sounds Sy & Unknown – Dangerzone – Quosh Digital Seduction & Al Storm – Ready To […]

07.Jan.2010 Episode 17: Put a Bangin’ Donk on it

As Jason was recovering from a pretty bad case of the gout he got from a fish sandwich at a chicken resturant, I was running solo tonight. Pulling out all the stops, I bring you at least 25 tracks of hardcore amazement for your listening pleasure. I hope everybody enjoys! Kid Kudi – Day & […]

23.Dec.2009 Episode 15: Now Asbestos Free

Are you tired of getting Mesothelioma from listening to all the other hardcore podcasts on iTunes? Do you wish you could find a safe alternative to other djs? Well, look no further, as That Hardcore Show is here to help. With a new formula that is 100% Asbestos free*. You never once have to worry […]

30.Jul.2009 Episode 4: A New Record

According to our shoutcast logs, we got up to 8 listeners on the live show last night, so that was pretty sweet. Keep telling your friends and spreading the word about That Hardcore Show, and we promise we’ll have a script or something so the time between sets isn’t so…umm…dumb. Send us some email, […]

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