22.Jan.2014 Episode 59: Welcome to Food

Back in the podcast game, with episode 3 of the year. That brings our grand total up to 59! That’s a lot of ‘ardcore. We hope you guys have been enjoying them as much as we enjoy all the hard work drunk we put into them.

We’re also on the precipice of another big milestone, 100 Likes on the book of faces. Now you may be thinking, “Wow, you guys have only been around for a little over 4 years now, how in the world have you managed to garner so much popularity?” Well, truth be told, that is apparently a very low number, at least compared to other hardcore acts who also do a podcast.

krafty radio: 5098
Hardcore Underground: 4017
Next Generation Records: 3056
Hardcore Heaven: 68,292
Klubfiller: 17,631

Of course a lot of these are more than just the podcast (promoter, record label, etc…) But we haven’t even broken into the triple digits! So do us a favor, roll on over to the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thathardcoreshow) and hit the like button. It would make us feel warm and juicy inside. Or something like that.

Anyway, enough of this begging for likes on FB BS, here’s this weeks tracklist.

  1. Gammer & Technikore – nOW eVERYBODY sCREAM – Supersonik
  2. Technical Difficulties – Technical Difficulties – Show Me – Technical Difficulties
  3. Weaver & Simon Apex – Rockn All The Clubs (Scott Brown Mix) – Weaver Files
  4. Defekt – Stars Fall – Stu Infinity Remix – Magic Chord
  5. Klubfiller vs Exergonic & Felixx – Jelly Time – Original Mix – Klubbed Up
  6. Technical Difficulties & Riche – Rockin – Justice Hardcore
  7. Jakka-B – Bring It Come On – Original Mix – The Future Of Hardcore
  8. Bubble & SHM – Poppholla – Original Mix – JB Recordings
  9. Technical Difficulties – Technical Difficulties – Nuke Em (2013) – Technical Difficulties
  10. AB – This – Original Mix – Stamina Records
  11. Audio Stomperz – Pieces – Original Mix – Audio Recordz

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