17.Jun.2013 Episode 54: Don’t even bother listening to the last 7 minutes

We’re back with another week of beets and banter. Hope you guys enjoy the show and shout outs to everyone who was in the chat this week! Don’t forget to check us out live next week at 8:00 Central!


  1. Forza – On The Move – Chris Unknowns UKN Records Remix – UKN Records [TiD]
  2. Rescue – Hands Up – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  3. Ben X-Treme Vs. Nate – Feels So Close – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  4. Darbo & Snipes – Here We Are – The Future Of Hardcore [TiD]
  5. POH & HHS – Make Me Feel Alive – Tryed N Tested [TiD]
  6. Lady Dubbz – Precious Love – Justice Hardcore [TiD]
  7. AB – Phoenix – Stamina Slam Series [TiD]
  8. Nobody – Your Life – Justice Hardcore [TiD]
  9. AUSCORE – Antaeus – Magic Chord [TiD]
  10. CLSM feat Stefan B – Free Your Mind – Endemic Remix – G-Core [TiD]
  11. Haze & Sc@r – Bass Shake – Scarred Digital [TiD]
  12. Outforce – Posse – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  13. DJ Bouncy B feat. Ruth Kelly – Graze The Fields – Fuzzy Logic [TiD]
  14. Javi Tracker – Motherfucker – Sinthetic Records Digital [TiD]

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