10.Jun.2013 Episode 53: Bingham’s Back

Jason Bingham has decided to grace the decks again, dropping about 45 minutes of unique japanese style hardcore and whatnot. Hopefully this will become a regular thing again and we can get back to the show how it used to be. So everyone give Jason a big warm welcome back!

PJ Davis Played: 

  1. Jerv & Nizzle – Advanced B4stards – Executive Records
  2. Le Dos On – Air – Original Mix – Relentless Digital
  3. Mob – 3D (2013 mix) – Anuva Level
  4. Tom Revolution & Hyperforce – Falling Down – Justice Hardcore
  5. Anon – Eye Knew You Were Rubble – Soap On A Rope
  6. Jerv & Nizzle Ft. Apuie – Thankyou Cum Agen – Executive Records
  7. Gav G-Style – NeverNeverLand – Original Mix – GSP
  8. Jerv & Nizzle Ft. Unity MC – Virtual Dreams – Executive Records

Jason Bingham Played: 

  1. REDALiCE – Porkie of Porkie of Porkie of Porkie
  2. 源屋 – Unmeasured vast expanse of ocean (hardcore mix)
  3. cobalt green – Party Time
  4. Cis-Trance – “Œ•ûMIDNIGHT!!
  5. MUZIK SERVANT – Re; Nukleus Hell’s Core
  6. T+pazolite – World End’s Yama Xanadu
  7. REDALiCE – you(hardcore remix)
  8. DJ Nanasaki vs Yuuna Kamishiro – Starry sky

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