25.Jan.2010 Party Time?

Well, at the end of the last podcast, i mentioned something about some sort of party. I’d really like to see this thing happen. All procedes from the party would go to Doctors without Borders or some other reputable charity. We need donations for some of the basic things, such as

  • A venue (preferably in the Huntsville/Madison Area)
  • A PA system
  • More DJ’s
  • Fliers
  • Also, a few volunteers to work the door, etc…

We would gladly accept money to help pay for some of the stuff too, but would rather have the items we need so the money can go straight to the people in need.

Also, we need people to get out and spread the word. Know how everyone complains there is never anything to do in Huntsville? Let’s all get out of the house and change that, and as a double bonus, it will really help out some people in need.

This all hinges on getting a venue, so once I get that worked out, we’ll be able to start getting more concrete plans togeather. So let me know what you think, and if you can help. You can either just reply to this post, or email me at pj.davis@gmail.com

Thanks for your support guys, and I know we can pull this off if we all work together.

-PJ Davis & Jason Bingham

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