24.Feb.2014 Episode 62: Post-Snowpacalyptic

I totally forgot to upload this one. Sorry about that. Here it is. Put it in your ears. We’ll be back with more show this week!

  1. 4orce DJ – Ki Ki Kick It – FastTrack Reloaded
  2. Doug Horizon – The Real Deal – Banginbeats Digital
  3. Darren G & Bridson Feat. Allison – Voodoo – White Noize Hardcore
  4. Stomppy Vs Gisbo – Far Away – Andy Wilson Remix – FastTrack Reloaded
  5. Sy & Al Storm featuring Meri Everitt – Lonely – 24/7 Hardcore
  6. Bananaman & Gisbo ft Nia – Cant Believe Youre Mine – Scarred Digital
  7. Lady Dubbz – I Surrender – FastTrack Reloaded
  8. Rasper & Instinct – Galactic – Yorkshire Core Records
  9. Technical Difficulties – Technical Difficulties – What You Looking For? – Technical Difficulties
  10. Smiley All Stars – Love N Emotion – Smiley Tunes Digital
  11. Snipes & Murf – Miss You – Reconnaissance Records
  12. Supreme – Chunky & Mob – Pompay – THC Records
  13. Al Storm Feat. Amy – Surrender – HTID Mix – 24/7 Hardcore
  14. Sy & Al Storm – Do You Love Your Hardcore – Hardcore Heaven Mix – 24/7 Hardcore
  15. Stu Infinity – Get A Rush – FastTrack Reloaded
  16. S3RL Feat. MoiMinnie – Feels Like Heaven – Rize Remix – Emfa Music
  17. Sy & Al Storm – Welcome To The Jungle – 24/7 Hardcore
  18. Ramos, Mob & Protocol – Her Name – Hixxy Remix – RSR Recordings
  19. S3RL Feat. Sara – Less Than 3 – Harmonics & Audio Paradyne Remix – Emfa Music
  20. Juvenile – Turn Up The Love – FastTrack Reloaded
  21. Shadow Ft Ellie – Walk Away – FastTrack Reloaded
  22. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – One More – UKN Records
  23. Eufeion – Boom That (Original Mix) – Plus 6 Music
  24. Dj Jay G – Disco Balls – Hard Soundz Recordings

10.Feb.2014 Episode 61: Klye Pls

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.29.52 PMNew show this week with our very ‘special’ guest, Klye. We talk about the ‘ardcore, Cereal, Hobos and who knows what else! Be sure to check this one out!

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29.Jan.2014 Episode 60: Horse Drifting

HorseNew show. Everybody enjoy. We didn’t make it to 100 likes on facebook yet, so you don’t get to see us drinking and fucking around. Sorry. You guys blew it. Better luck next week. 100 Likes = UStream feed for show. Do it.

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22.Jan.2014 Episode 59: Welcome to Food

Back in the podcast game, with episode 3 of the year. That brings our grand total up to 59! That’s a lot of ‘ardcore. We hope you guys have been enjoying them as much as we enjoy all the hard work drunk we put into them.

We’re also on the precipice of another big milestone, 100 Likes on the book of faces. Now you may be thinking, “Wow, you guys have only been around for a little over 4 years now, how in the world have you managed to garner so much popularity?” Well, truth be told, that is apparently a very low number, at least compared to other hardcore acts who also do a podcast.

krafty radio: 5098
Hardcore Underground: 4017
Next Generation Records: 3056
Hardcore Heaven: 68,292
Klubfiller: 17,631

Of course a lot of these are more than just the podcast (promoter, record label, etc…) But we haven’t even broken into the triple digits! So do us a favor, roll on over to the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thathardcoreshow) and hit the like button. It would make us feel warm and juicy inside. Or something like that.

Anyway, enough of this begging for likes on FB BS, here’s this weeks tracklist.

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21.Jan.2014 Episode 58: Yuengling Should Sponsor This

2 weeks in a row. That’s some sort of record for this year, I think. Got that new music for you guys, also cat.


  1. Destiny – Music Is My Life (Haze Remix) – Plus 6 Music
  2. Patch, Eufeion & Konekshon – Son Of A Beech – Justice Hardcore
  3. Miss Special K featuring MC 3Man – Our Passion Our Way – Totally Ardcore Records
  4. Weaver & Simon Apex – Rockn All The Clubs – Weaver Files
  5. Reaktor – The Power – Planet Hardcore
  6. Uplift – Night Flight (Sc@r Remix) – Scarred Digital
  7. Eufeion & DeKay – Freak Club – Ninja Hardcore
  8. Ganar – Orbit – Justice Hardcore
  9. Chris Unknown – Light Up 2013 (Girlz Mix) – UKN Records
  10. Klubfiller & Chance – Refuel (Hardcore Mix) – Klubbed Up
  11. Doug Horizon & Euefion – UK Worldwide – Banginbeats Digital

Episode 57: You Lazy Bastards

We’re back! And in a big way. It was a long 5 or 6 months that we were gone, and we’re so happy to be back on the air/podcast-o-tubes. We’ve got a shitload of new shit for you to load into your ears this week… wait. I take that back. It’s old shit. Sorry, but i couldn’t be assed to buy new music this week, so we relive some of our favorite hardcore favorites. Enjoy!

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04.Sep.2013 What Happen? Someone set up us the bomb.

Actually we’re on another (much shorter) hiatus. Bingham is getting married and we’re going to wait until that whole rigamarole is done with before we start back up. So look for new shows starting sometime hopefully in November!

08.Jul.2013 Episode 56: Losted My Laptop

Bit of a Weird and short show this week. Lost my laptop (found it again, though!) so I was using Jason’s. Still got a show out so hope you guys enjoy!

  1. Hyperforce & Shux – Wherever – Justice Hardcore
  2. Aural Kaos feat. Nathalie – Eternity – Flammable Hard Dance
  3. Expression & GBH – Night Time (Chris Unknown’s UKN Remix) – UKN Records
  4. Tronik & Olly P – Fire Inside the Vain – Klubbed Up Nu School
  5. ITF & Hyperforce – Young & Free (Gisbo Remix) – In Your Head Records
  6. DJ Nau & DJ Metix pres. KHA2 – Leaves – C58 Records
  7. N-Sane & M-Style – Dirty Disco – The Future of Hardcore
  8. Joey Riot vs. Shax Feat. The RaverQueen – Forget the Past – Leathal Theory
  9. Darren G & Bridson – Scratch My Ahh! – White Noize Hardcore
  10. Ganar – All Going On – Justice Hardcore
  11. Bridson, Gary H & DJ Kev feat. Allison – Shlong Way Home – Rave Essentials
  12. Sash D feat. MC Messiah – Hot Smoke – Subzero Digital Records
  13. Marc Smith & Re-Con – It’s Not That Bad – Notorious Vinyl

24.Jun.2013 Episode 55: SLAM JAM

Another week another hardcore show. We had our fun, and now you can too!


  1. Little Fella – Break Of Dawn – Digital Soundwurx
  2. Hommarju – Many Complications – Relentless Digital
  3. Ultra-sonic – Bust That Groove (DJ Brisk Remix) – USR Digital
  4. Aggey – Mind Fuckin – Roc-A-Raver
  5. Darren G & Bridson – Puppet Master – Rave Essentials
  6. Joey Riot & Wood-E – Rumble – Original Hardcore
  7. Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel (Darren Styles & Chris Unknown Remix) – UKN Records
  8. Cut-Up [EP] – Shake Down (Hardcore Mix) – AHR [Audio Hedz Recordings]
  9. Hoodzie – Move Your Feet – Ardoura
  10. Gisbo & Corruption Feat Gemma Macleod – Superstar – In Your Head Records
  11. Alex BassJunkie & Riche – Into The Red – Justice Hardcore
  12. ABJ & Riche – Monterrey Jack – The Future Of Hardcore
  13. Dj Compressor – Brute Rmx – Musik Box Records
  14. Alex BassJunkie & Riche – Daydream – Justice Hardcore
  15. Hommarju – Marcato – Relentless Digital
  16. Leeroy – Mother Fucker Jones – The Chop Shop Digital
  17. Burnout – Overdose – The Future Of Hardcore
  18. Breeze & Petruccio – Inception – Future World (LW)
  19. Technical Difficulties – Technical Difficulties – Sail – Technical Difficulties
  20. S3RL – Doof Doof Untz Untz – Emfa Music
  21. Nobody Feat. Hyperforce – Always Gonna Be This Way (Analog Remix) – Justice Hardcore
  22. Ganar – The Music Came First – Magic Chord
  23. Nuton – Gemini – Klubbed Up Nu School
  24. Rhythmics feat. Mc ScottyG – Spellbound! (ABJ Remix Remix) – Magic Chord
  25. Stabilize & Bishop – Extra Life – Notorious Vinyl
  26. Franka – Shaytan – DajeForte Records

17.Jun.2013 Episode 54: Don’t even bother listening to the last 7 minutes

We’re back with another week of beets and banter. Hope you guys enjoy the show and shout outs to everyone who was in the chat this week! Don’t forget to check us out live next week at 8:00 Central!


  1. Forza – On The Move – Chris Unknowns UKN Records Remix – UKN Records [TiD]
  2. Rescue – Hands Up – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  3. Ben X-Treme Vs. Nate – Feels So Close – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  4. Darbo & Snipes – Here We Are – The Future Of Hardcore [TiD]
  5. POH & HHS – Make Me Feel Alive – Tryed N Tested [TiD]
  6. Lady Dubbz – Precious Love – Justice Hardcore [TiD]
  7. AB – Phoenix – Stamina Slam Series [TiD]
  8. Nobody – Your Life – Justice Hardcore [TiD]
  9. AUSCORE – Antaeus – Magic Chord [TiD]
  10. CLSM feat Stefan B – Free Your Mind – Endemic Remix – G-Core [TiD]
  11. Haze & Sc@r – Bass Shake – Scarred Digital [TiD]
  12. Outforce – Posse – Go Tell Yo Momma [TiD]
  13. DJ Bouncy B feat. Ruth Kelly – Graze The Fields – Fuzzy Logic [TiD]
  14. Javi Tracker – Motherfucker – Sinthetic Records Digital [TiD]
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